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Black Ants       

Black Ants
(Ochtellus Spp.)

Several ants fall into the category of the Black ant. Black ants are commonly about 2.5 mm - 3mm. Black in colour, they nest outside, but can also create large nests in cavity walls and roof spaces. Frequently one or two ants may be noticed in the house at first, but if they find something desirable, such as food or water, they may recruit more workers and swarm in the hundreds. Again, this ant prefers sweet foods but will often take whatever is available.

An Ants Life
Ants are social insects living in colonies, ranging in size according to species and environmental factors (Food available, weather conditions etc.) The colony will generally consist of the egg laying queen, major and minor workers and the eggs, larvae and pupa.

The colony usually begins with the single queen, who has flown from her previous home nest and been fertilised by one or several male ants. The male ant will die a few days after fertilisation. After the queen has been fertilised she will find a suitable nesting site, such as a tree stump, under a rock or in a roof cavity etc.

The queen lays a small clutch of eggs and remains with them as they develop from larvae to ants. They will then forage for food and tend to subsequent eggs laid by the queen. Worker ants live for about 40 to 60 days, while a queen ant can live for up to 15 years.

Treatment For Ants
Due to the varying nesting habits, and food preferences of ants, treatments vary from residence to residence. Some treatments may involve treating the roof cavity, indoor treatments and external sprays, while others may require baiting. Identification of the species is therefore vital, and a lot of money can be wasted by home owners attempting to control the ants themselves, by the use of wrong products. At Eyre Peninsula Pest & Weed Control, we provide effective treatment and offer a free three month service period. So if isolated nests or trails of ants continue within a property we return for a follow up treatment at no cost to you. 

Adult Black Ants tending to the pupa

A winged reproductive looking for a mate

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