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         Termites are a worrying threat in many areas across the Eyre Peninsula, they have been responsible for many thousands of dollars worth of damage within most towns. Towns and centres hardest hit over the last few years have been Cummins, Coffin Bay, Elliston, Streaky Bay, Lock, Cleve, Cowell, Arno Bay, Tumby Bay and Port Lincoln. Our Company has been servicing these and many more areas since 1979 providing professional pest control to thousands of homes and businesses.
         We are continually discovering three main species of termite on the Eyre Peninsula, all of which are of major economic importance and should not be underestimated in regard to the damage and destruction that they can cause in a relatively short amount of time. One of these species, ‘Coptotermes’, is at the top of our hit list in regard to the importance of prompt control and effective barrier placement. This termite is responsible for millions of dollars damage across Australia each year and should be treated by a professional pest controller with many years experience. We also solve problems caused by two other species called Nasutitermes and Heterotermes which all have different habits and features.
          The equipment and knowledge that is required to effectively control termites is usually more than that of the general public. Sometimes even some new and/or under trained pest controllers find out the hard way that termites are a persistent insect that needs special attention to prevent them from destroying a persons property of which is almost never covered for termite attack through insurance companies.

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